App cruncher — Nubarron, Chrome Experiments and The Sailor’s Dream


Kickstarter Pick: Nubarron

 By: Nastycloud

One of the pros of this project, you can tell they are more than half way done with development plus NastyCloud has plenty of app building experience. Without counting earlier versions of Nubarron so, clearly they will be able to accomplish their bold rewards. The difficulty is reaching such high Kickstarter goal, although I’ve been surprised before. This “unlucky” gnome must follow the path his cloud forces him to, trapped by its lethal strikes. And destiny might prove it works in mysterious ways. $10 will get you a copy of the game for pretty much any computer platform. Vast amount of content is going to be created by donors, (although now those options are no longer available) which is pretty cool, cause you can pledge a good amount and actually help design aspects of Nubarron.


Chrome Experiments

The creative coding community has a new venue, check out this revolutionary projects. If you write in HTML5 and JavaScript using open web technologies such as CanvasWebGL,WebRTC, and Portable Native Client. Then submit your best experiments for our favorite browser. Much inspiration arrives through fun web experimentation -from animation to mobile video games, passing through physics demos, particle renderers, a/v experiments, digital art, games, code editors, and data visualizations… Please send it in your fancy pants work. The requirements are it has to work in Chrome with no extensions or plug-ins. If it’s a mobile masterpiece, test it in Android’s Chrome app. They review those projects on a Nexus 5. Interactivity is the key for your submission. People like glossy things, to click on and don’t forget to use your full canvas to your advantage. Keep it classy not too busy, gets distracting. Please don’t ask to create an account. And don’t forget to have lots of patience, the review can take several weeks.


The Sailor’s Dream (Nov 6th)

By: Simogo

To continue their masterful track record, games like Year Walk and Device 6 to name a few. Simogo new heavy-on-narrative project The Sailor’s Dream, is filled with puzzles and clues and will be launching on iOS on November 6th. Not much is known about the game-play, everything seems wrapped up in a cloud of mystery, but check out their awesome trailer, I’m sure you will be surprised. “Inside every knickknack left behind is a treasure trove of memories and stories filled with joys and sorrows” It’s the quote from their website. Satisfy your curiosity and don’t miss out this relaxing visual experience of dreamlike exploration.


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